Experience a high speed, adrenaline filled ride on one of our Zapcats

Zapcats are dual hull, lightweight, two person boats, equipped with powerful 50 hp engines.  Perfectly designed for high speed, impressively agile, these boats offer an unforgettable thrill ride experience.  With Ferrari like acceleration and capable of pulling up to 3g whilst cornering, there’s nothing quite like it on water.
Originally from South Africa, they were designed in the 1980s for a variety of sea conditions and surf and used for racing along rivers and rugged coastlines. There are now Zapcat racing series throughout the world and it is definitely seen as a true adrenalin sport.

Zapcat and Watercooled
Whether you’re looking to give someone a birthday treat or organising a Corporate day out or you just fancy a bit of a thrill yourself, Watercooled can organise every type of special event.

We have two Zapcats based at our beach in Dubai ready for action and we have a variety of different options for you to choose from but we are also pretty flexible so if you have something specific in mind then the Watercooled Team are available to help.

30 Minute Zapcat Experience
This experience consists of a safety briefing before heading out to sea where you will co-pilot the Zapcat and help it turn efficiently and balance the boat.  You’ll be holding onto the straps very tightly!

Zapcat and Rib Experience
For groups, we’ll take one of our ribs out and whilst one of you is in the Zapcat, the others in your group will be onboard a fast rib, speeding alongside and watching the Zapcat’s every movement.

Corporate Events
We can tailor your day to your requirements. So whether you’re taking out clients or rewarding your staff, we’ll give them a day that they will never forget! We can give them a thrilling speed-ride or make it more of a team-building exercise by adding elements of competition. Our aim is to suit your group and objectives so we can combine Zapcat racing with any other Watercooled watersports and any non-watersport at our partner hotel.  We can even break the day up with a lunch somewhere locally by the water, wine and dine you in the hotel private restaurants in the evening or set up a BBQ on the beach, everything is possible.

Prices below AED

Zapcat Experience (single person), 30 min:  250
Zapcat Experience (group, 6 person max.), 2 hrs: 1,300

Please note that our Zapcats are currently under repair. Please contact a member of staff to discuss further.

We are open daily until 5.30pm, for more information call 800-watercool