Tow Sports


At Watercooled we offer wakeboard and wakesurf sessions with complimentary instruction if required.

Sessions can run from behind one of our 150 hp Tornado Ribs  providing an ideal platform for learning and mastering the basics.  For those looking for more of a challenge, or our state of the art Mastercraft X-2 or Glastron throws up an excellent wake, ideal for progressing to the next level and mastering some new tricks.

Our Liquid Force Watson classic boards come in 4 different lengths and are one of the great all-rounders and best-selling wakeboards of all time. We also have the Trip 146, Luna 133 and the Nemesis 118 available too. Meanwhile, for those wanting to Wakesurf, we’ve got Liquid Force’s The Fish, a wake surfer that anyone can have a go on. First timers will appreciate the ease of use and buoyancy, while experienced surfers will appreciate the advanced shape, speed, and durability. The swallow tail makes it a bit looser through the back, allowing you to turn and hack at will.


With a full range of O’Brien water-skis from the Eco Trainer and Junior Celebrity for the novice to the slalom Sequence 67 and 67, World Team 64, 66 and 68 and Impluse 64 and 66 for the more experienced, Watercooled has the complete set-up for every type of water-skier.

Prices below in AED

Waterski/Wakeboard  20 mins, per person 200
Waterski/Wakeboard from ski boat, 20 mins, per person 250

Ski Boat Wakeboard/ski Lesson 30 mins 300 per person

Donut/banana ride, 10 mins, 100 per person

Ski Boat Hire 600 1 hour

Wetsuit hire 50 

We are open daily until 5.30pm, for more information call 800-watercool